Welcome to ‘straya

“Ladies and gentlemen we kindly ask you to close your shutters as we are flying into sunlight”. Probably the most poetic thing I have ever heard a captain say during a flight, also the first time that I have actually realised that I am somewhat travelling into the future when flying to the East. The first thing I have to state, before even leaving the airport is this; Australians are much too overbearing with security rules. I am used to the fact that usually after having passed the luggage check, I may then proceed to fill my empty water bottle … Continue reading Welcome to ‘straya

Missed flight adventure

In my 18 years of air travel, I have never missed a connection due to lack of time. Traveling by plane has always been a breeze for me and never something stressful. Until I had the terrible misfortune of booking a flight itinerary from Amsterdam to Maputo that passed through Rome and Addis Ababa. The connection in Rome was of 40 minutes, which usually is fine since you get off the plane and just have to slightly hustle in order to get to your connecting flight. However, when the check-in clerk refuses to check-in your luggage for the whole trip, … Continue reading Missed flight adventure