Masterchef – for realsies

I love Melbourne, every day I am more grateful for having chosen this city for my exchange. With my roomie we have been religiously following the Australian Masterchef (that occurs in Melbourne!) and one night the most intricate dessert had to be created for an elimination challenge. This was the passion for caramel tart by Deniz Karaca, who is apparently a very well known chocolatier. Heres a link to his website Cuvée:

Sadly Tamara, one of my favourite contestants was the one to be eliminated. The next day, my roomie tags me in an article. You cannot believe our excitement when reading that the very tart we were drooling over and trying to imagine what it would taste like, would be sold in Melbourne for just two days.

My roomie was working on the Friday it was coming out so, being the passionate foodie and diligent roomie that I am, I headed into the city to by us a slice of this heaven. When I got to the little pop up store there was already a line. Not too long thankfully! But still, I was 15 minutes before “opening”. The first few people in front of me were buying two, if not three of these tarts. Let me point out that a whole tart is $60 and just a slice is $15… People have money to spare obviously… You can also imagine my joy when finding out that a “slice” was not just a portion of the large tart, but a miniature tart in itself!

Now that I have it, it still feels all too unreal.

So we sliced this magnificent looking piece of tart; the layers were wonderful to look at obviously. As we cheers our first bite and place it into our expectant mouths all I can say is “hmm”. Its quite an peculiar taste. The tart flavours are a combination of passionfruit, nuts, caramel mousse, and fried bananas. All that in one little bite. Individually the layers taste wonderful, but all together its like an explosion of so many different flavours you don’t know what to focus on or appreciate so you just end up not really tasting anything, if you get what I mean.

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