Tasmania week 1

I like to think that travel is always an adventure and I need to take everything with an open mind and enthusiasm. My first morning at the horse farm in Tassie, I went for a short jog (and died) but the scenery was worth it. Next came the struggle for a shower. If I had come here in high school I would have never showered with a trickle of cold water in 11 or so degree weather. But here, I just thought it quite amusing and managed to do a small “toilette de chat” to clean myself. When you’re working with horses and living the farm life all day, trying to shower every time you are dirty will show to be quite a struggle. For breakfast I had bacon, eggs and sourdough bread, with a coffee to wash it down; I now feel like a true cowboy. Let the horse trail adventure begin!

When it rains, there’s not much you can do if clients don’t want to go out for a ride, which I completely understand. How can you appreciate anything when you have buckets of water falling on you and your horse?

After two days of rain a complete change of weather occurred and we were blessed with magnificent blue sky and sunshine. Starting at 7:30 I set out to catch around 15 horses to move them from one paddock to another. I was given a bucket of food, making the task extremely easy. I would catch one and five more would just follow; this is called “Ray’s pied piper” (Ray is the owner). In the late morning I went on a four-hour ride with a group from Hong Kong. Before then I never knew the pain of watching a bad rider. The man in front of me was moving his arms like they had strings attached to the horses legs and were the ones moving them forward on step at a time. Poor horse. On the way, we also adopted a little calf that would not stop following us running along and mooing for about an hour of the ride. I can say that my pony was not very happy about this; I think she’s never seen a calf before.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Spirit, there’s a scene in the beginning where he snoops around a campfire and smells one of the men’s boots. Well, a similar thing happened to me where a curious horse (or multiple at different times) came to peer through my open door and sniff my riding boots I had left outside. One even grabbed one to do go knows what with! It made me laugh quite a lot. Horses are such curious creatures. Also, I don’t know if you have ever seen a horse sleep but it can be quite funny. They just stand there with their heads lulling about. A horse lying down when sleeping is the most adorable thing ever. I sneaked up to one just to stroke it a bit because I was filled with so much love at his pose lying down. We even have one, a fat grey mare, who snores like a tractor!

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