Where in the world am I?

If you ever want to experience multiculturalism, just go to Melbourne. I had decided to go to Australia because I thought it would be nice to understand what people on the street were saying and to be able to communicate with everyone in english, well I was very wrong. The amount of French, Spanish and Mandarin I have heard in the streets makes me question in what part of the world I am in. Melbourne does have a china town but I think the whole city centre should be called Asia town. If you are a foodie this is the place for you, but to be warned that eating out every night will break your budget. I do believe the key is to know where to go. We tried a Mexican restaurant, one of the girls I will live with is Mexican, and it was a total flop. Not very tasty food and they were playing Columbian music. However, we did discover the greatest little place ever, a dumpling king where we ordered three sets of dumplings; mushroom and veggie, beef, and sweet potato and only paid 4.20 dollars each. Considering your average meal when going out will be 10 or more, I say that was a pretty tasty deal!

I always believe that the best way to experience and really get to know a city is to walk around in it rather than have someone take you on a tour. Getting lost in a massive city is all part of the discovery and the fun; you always end up finding wonderful things. We went for a walk while waiting for an answer from our dream apartment and got free pancakes on federation square! Then walked into the ACMI (Australian Centre of Moving Image) to use the bathroom and discovered a section where there are several small booths where you can watch movies for free!

I also believe that everything happens for a reason. I’ve been looking online for gyms that offer kickboxing around the city but without any luck. Then one day while walking to Flinders street I took a different route, having gotten off at the wrong tram stop, and I fall upon a gym called “Fight Club”. A very clean and professional place with an awesome location; tunnels under the train tracks. The next day during my first run since I got here, I pass by a small personal-training gym, the owner also said he could arrange some muay thai if I wanted and gave me his card!

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