House hunting with vultures

You think you can find a place to live in Australia in a few days? Think again. I had contacted some people on flatmates (great website!) and gumtree already before arriving but of course not much can be done when you are not actually there and people take so long to answer! Through the hunt for a house I saw all the colours of the rainbow. From immaculate soul-less buildings, to pigsties where you wonder how someone can actually manage to live in there and even want to pay for it. I also discovered the wonderful Facebook group called fairy floss (Australian for candy floss) real estate where people post ads for their rooms. There is something new basically every day and you have to message them within the hour they post or you’ll be the 30th person to contact them. Hence hunting with vultures, we are a multitude of individuals desperately looking for the same thing.

Paying 30 dollars for a hostel room a night, constantly being on Facebook and messaging people about viewings, using public transport the whole day, all this can easily make one go mad when you don’t find an affordable place to live right away.

In the search for a house I made a friend via flatmates, Amalie, (you can contact people who are looking in the same area as you) and we found each other again when she sent me a message saying she saw I was still homeless. The hunt for a room for two people then began. I had a limit date of the Sunday I would check out from my hostel, which came around and still nothing. So we found an airbnb that cost the same as the hostel and had dogs!! On the Sunday morning we moved in then left to go to a few different viewings, as the day came to an end our energy and morale was at the lowest. As we trudged to the last viewing of the day we had already resigned ourselves to the possibility of just staying in the airbnb for the duration of our exchange.

Then the miracle happened, Matt and Andrew walked down to welcome us to the viewing, beginning by showing us all the cool things located by the apartment. Then taking us inside we became hysterical. What an apartment. We would have to share a room but we didn’t care. Ensuite bathroom, balcony, free guitar from the old tenant, and the best was yet to come. In the building, there is… a library!!! What a freaking amazing idea! And a green courtyard, pool and gym all free for us to access. Matt and Andrew were like our angels. We were euphoric. And the best part was that we could move in the next day.

I was able to snatch up a mind-blowing apartment thanks to patience, good karma, and my dads advice; don’t settle for something just because it’s practical and cheap. Thank you dad.


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