(intr)Oweek/day + beach welcome

First confusing term, commonly known as introweek for us Europeans, for Australia it is called Oweek (orientation). We first had an orientation day with an anthropologist explaining to us the concept of culture shock and how when we meet and interact with people from a different culture we don’t think “hmm interesting cultural difference” but rather may react negatively. I immediately wanted her to be my professor for an anthropology course.

The next day I had to get up at the “ass crack of dawn” (quote Fanny) due to the fact that my hostel is an hour and a half away from the university by tram and we had to be there at 7:30 in order to not miss the bus. So no free breakfast for me. We drove along the Great Ocean Road with our bus driver also acting as a tour guide, telling us some fun facts about things we passed. Destination; Lorne beach. If you are ever in this part of Aussie, I 100% recommend for you to do the Great Ocean Road. You go from rolling hills with sheep and cattle to an absolutely mesmerising, aqua-blue, breathtaking ocean view with the crystal clear water lapping over dark rocks.

Although a little unorganised the two days and one night were absolutely wonderful. I was lucky enough to be in the group whose accommodation was in a hotel with a view of the ocean. As activities we were given a little guided walk through “the bush” around the area where we saw a koala chilling in a tree, and also had some yoga lessons with view of the sea.

Candid photo of my post-surfing experience

The last time I was in Australia, I refused to try out surfing, I didn’t see the point in it. Of course part of our activities also included surfing lessons, which I reluctantly joined with my two new friends (Fanny, a German-American and Zoe, a Spanish-Irish). I must say my view on surfing has completely changed. I had the most amazing time, and who knew how much of a workout it could be! The next morning I could definitely feel my arms!

For lunch on our second day we went for the typical fish and chips at The Salty Dog, which was overflowing with people. We munched on a creamy, crispy deep fried fish and enough fries to feed three people!!

While walking through Lorne, Fanny all of a sudden exclaimed “It’s so immaculate here!! Everything is where it’s supposed to be.”. I think that is the best word ever used to describe Australia.

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