Welcome to ‘straya

“Ladies and gentlemen we kindly ask you to close your shutters as we are flying into sunlight”. Probably the most poetic thing I have ever heard a captain say during a flight, also the first time that I have actually realised that I am somewhat travelling into the future when flying to the East. The first thing I have to state, before even leaving the airport is this; Australians are much too overbearing with security rules. I am used to the fact that usually after having passed the luggage check, I may then proceed to fill my empty water bottle in order to be able to hydrate myself properly during a flight. Well not this time, after having my boarding pass checked, my bag was once again checked with an 800ml full water bottle that I was forced to down. No way would I throw it away!

Then the second round of security I was used to, declare animal products, meat, nuts, wood, blah blah blah; basically everything. I forgot I had my running shoes, I forgot I had tea, which I was scolded for not declaring. I had a chicken sandwich that I quickly ate before the baggage scan because I do not waste food and was also scolded for that. A little too much paranoia I would say, but oh well, welcome to ‘straya! I usually rely on rome2rio to know what the price of transportation should be, and let me say it was way off. From the airport to my hostel was around 73 dollars. I was brave enough to ask a lady to split a cab, and she was kind enough to pay for the price until where she went (50 of the 73), god bless Australians. If you have ever tried to sleep when in your homeland it is actually mid afternoon you will understand my struggle. I had to attend orientation day the next morning at 9am. Being in the Pint on Punt hostel (which is located above a bar) and arriving at 1 am on a Sunday evening, lets say I took a nap rather than actually slept. Drunkards shouting to let them in just under your window plus jetlag does not equal sleep.

I must say though, the pint on punt (hostel where I was staying) tomato and basil soup is perfection. Served in a rustic looking bowl that is the correct size for a good bowl of soup, not the little two-spoons-ill-be-hungry-in-30-min bowl of soup some places like to serve you.



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