Missed flight adventure

In my 18 years of air travel, I have never missed a connection due to lack of time. Traveling by plane has always been a breeze for me and never something stressful. Until I had the terrible misfortune of booking a flight itinerary from Amsterdam to Maputo that passed through Rome and Addis Ababa. The connection in Rome was of 40 minutes, which usually is fine since you get off the plane and just have to slightly hustle in order to get to your connecting flight. However, when the check-in clerk refuses to check-in your luggage for the whole trip, meaning it will only go till Rome, things get a little more complicated. A warning to all, 40 minutes is not enough to collect your bags rush to the check-in gate in Rome and get your bags checked in once again. This is a lot of “check-ins” in a few sentences. But this is what happened to me, so I missed my flight in Rome because once I arrived everyone was already on the plane while I was desperately trying to get my luggage. I would only be able to attempt to get a new ticket the next day when the airline desk was open, 10 hours later… So I had to stay the night in the closest hotel the Hilton, the price for a room for a night of which would make any student bank account weep, I was sure to take all the freebies with me so the cost was semi worth it. After finally getting a new ticket I still had more than 12 hours before my flight. Rome is probably the best place to miss your flight, I got on the free shuttle offered by the Hilton that drops you smack in the middle of town, (Or you can also get a train ticket for 8 euros!) because, or course, I wanted pizza and ice cream. What a wonderful feeling walking through the streets of a place and knowing exactly where you are going. I strolled down the main road with my massive green backpack and after 15 minutes, plonked myself down at a table in one of the best gelateria’s in Rome; La Romana. From my previous writing of when I went to Rome, you will know that it is in competition for my heart with the only advantage it has is the price (2, 50 for three scoops!) and the free melted chocolate they add in the cone, yum. Once my gelato craving satisfied it was time for some pizza. Any place along the road will serve pizza slices by the weight; just don’t be too close to the main tourist attractions. Sadly as I got my mouth-watering pizza it began raining. I sat under a parasol waiting for the worse to pass, sharing my pizza crust with some little birds. The bus finally arrived and I walked back to the airport with my half eaten pizza saved for later. When in Rome, go get food!

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