Koh Tao – Diving on a party island

I am so thankful that the trek cancelled on me otherwise I would have never had the wonderful experience of the island of Koh tao! The bus ride was extremely cold despite the blanket that they give when in the bus. However I had the amazing luck of being the only one with a seat in the very back, which meant I had five seats all to myself to sleep on! After a very long ride we arrived at the Lompraya “port” where we waited till the sun rose to get on to the high speed catamaran. It started raining heavily the minute after everyone was in the catamaran and rain means a very choppy ocean, which then lead to many being sea sick for the two hour ride to the island. After arriving I had to wait yet another hour before actually finding the correct number of my dive center to tell them I was at the pier and needed a pickup. Finally arriving in my small bungalow I collapsed onto the bed. Arranging my diving was quite a struggle but I finally managed and on my third day in Koh Tao I went for my first two dives with my diving instructor Scott and a group of crazy old people who were lots of fun to dive with! I got a big black bag to chuck all of my diving gear into then we walked to the beach where a longboat was waiting for us. The longboat took us to the bigger boat that was probably an old fishing boat. It was my first dive with my new AEE camera (like a Go Pro) and I was so happy to see how the pictures and videos turned out. The diving was amazing and I wish I had done more dives. I was always able to discover new things underwater, we went and did a swim through, which is where you go through a cave. I had never done one before and it was an amazing experience! The nightlife in Koh Tao is quite insane. People party every single night! You can just walk along the beach and see which bar the party is happening at for that night. The bars have tiki-torches and pillows on mats placed on the beach with fire shows as entertainment. There is also fire jump rope and limbo for the more daring party animals. I feel Koh Tao made me truly change into an adult, I was able to make my own choices for everything and it felt amazing.

I was able to get a bus and ferry ticket for 850 baht for the way back, which made me realize how ripped-off I had been when paying at the guest house in Bangkok. The ferry I took was a slower one but it was much better than the one I took on the way to the island, I was able to sit outside on the deck and look at the island slowly disappear, with the salty wind blowing in my face. After taking the bus we arrived in Bangkok at 4 in the morning, everything was closed! I was so tired I decided to take a taxi to the airport and wait there for my flight that was scheduled for 7 that evening. Using my newly learnt tactic I asked directly for the taximeter, which makes sure that the driver does not rip you off! At the airport I alternated between sleeping on the benches, eating and checking for my flight. Finally seven came along and I was able to get onto my flight. I had a little moment of stress when passing through customs due to the countless amounts of things you cannot bring into Australia. Everything went fine and I was now finally in Cairns!!

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