Bangkok in 1 1/2 days

Arriving in Bangkok was a huge shock to me. The second I got off the bus I was assaulted by taxi drivers, one taking the lead and helping me carry my bag. I ended up paying 14 dollars from the bus station to my hostel and I am not so sure if I got ripped off or not… arriving in Bangkok at night was lovely, the temperature was not too hot and the buildings looked beautiful all lit up against the dark night sky. I checked into the hostel and went straight to bed, exhausted from the 12 hour bus ride. The next morning I tried to go discover the city by myself but after an hour or more of walking around aimlessly I gave up and went back to the hostel to take advantage of the free Wifi. I later went to the hostels help desk and they were extremely useful. I got a map of Bangkok with all the important places and was recommended as to where I should go and what I should visit. I also booked a ticket to travel to Koh Tao for my diving, which cost me 1,300 tai baht which is quite expensive. In my dorm I met an Italian who also wanted to go sightseeing so we decided that we would go together the following day. After an eventful night he was quite hung-over but still came along to see the temples that we had planned to see. We saw the reclining Buddha, which was absolutely amazing, the courtyards around the Buddha are gigantic and have such magnificent decorations of towers covered in coloured tiles and Buddha statues lining the walls. We did not go to see the king’s palace for it cost 500 baht for the entrance! That night I went to explore the night market at Asiatique. A free ferry takes hundreds of people to Asiatique every night! The place is filled with colours and smells of all the different restaurants that can be found there. I strongly recommend it for souvenir shopping, you can always bargain a good price and they sell a large multitude of things.

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